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In Hungary, doowop music is not as well known and popular as in the USA. To promote this beautiful music I started my first website about doowop music 15 years ago.

The DooWop Corner Radio is now the first and only radio station in Hungary broadcasting doo-wop music.

Start the radio

In September 2023, I launched DooWop Corner Radio, which plays 24 hours a day the music of the GOLDEN AGE of ROCK'N'ROLL, the pop and rock music of the 50s and 60s, with lots of doo-wop music.
Our radio station is bilingual, with programme anouncements and jingles are in Hungarian and English.
We are broadcasting over the internet, our music programmes are available all over the world.

Structure of the programme

Between 8am and 10 pm (EST, Eastern Standard Time), music is played in two-hour thematic blocks (see programme).
From 10pm to 8am, some programmes will be repeated.