DWCRadio Listening Options


A rádió Heti műsorrend Rádió vétele The Radio Weekly schedule Reception

Listen in your browser

(mobile phone or computer)

All you have to do is click on this link:

You're already on the playback page, click on the START SENDER icon and playback will start.
Under the "START SENDER" sign you will see the artist and title of the song you are playing, and below that (Gleich) you will see a list of some of the artists that will follow.
On the right (Letzte Songs) you can see the last 10 songs
Click on "Sendeplan" to see the whole week's programme

Online Radio Box website

Many people use the Online Radio Box website.
if you click on this link

you can listen to the show on the Online Radio Box site

Smart phone or tablet apps

There are several free radio apps on Google or Apple Play Store, I was able to catch the radio on the following:

Tunein app
Online Radio Box app
Audials app